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Bedrock Groundwater Levels for Selected Wells located in Western Pennington County

Bedrock aquifers are used extensively for water supplies in western Pennington County, and springs that discharge from these aquifers provide important baseflow for streams and reservoirs. A schematic diagram (fig. 1) shows the general hydrologic setting of bedrock aquifers in western Pennington County. The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources monitors water levels in a network of observation wells completed in these bedrock aquifers. The U.S. Geological Survey also operates several observation wells in these aquifers in cooperation with the city of Rapid City. Periodic measurements of water levels at these sites show the long-term trends in ground-water levels and how these aquifers respond to stresses such as drought. Water-level records for these observation wells may be observed graphically or downloaded by clicking on the map number showing the well location or the map number listed in the table of wells. Water levels are presented as feet below the land surface. Water levels for wells with pressure heads are presented as negative numbers that represent the feet above the land surface to which the water level would rise in an open stand pipe. This Web site was developed by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the West Dakota Water Development District.

Schematic diagram showing simplified hydrogeologic setting in western Pennington County.
Figure 1. Schematic diagram showing simplified hydrogeologic setting in western Pennington County.

Map showing the location of bedrock observation wells located in western Pennington County.

  • The symbol indicates the aquifer in which the well is completed.
  • Click on the map number to graphically display or download the water-level records.

Map showing location of bedrock observation wells in western Pennington County. site1=440818103180801 site2=440811103222202 site2=440811103222201 site4=440746103124201 site5=440623103583701 site6=440544103180002 site7=440544103180001 site8=440528103161001 site9=440430103160202 site10=440430103160201 site11=440427103131701 site12=440338103173302 site13=440338103173301 site14=440326103180702 site15=440310103173801 site16=440308103184601 site17=440216103114101 site18=440149103164901 site19=440052103181201 site20=440023103211001 site21=435916103161802 site22=435916103161801 site23=435644103183801 site24=435517103501801 site25=435227103185301


Table listing bedrock observation wells located in western Pennington County.

  • Click on the map number to graphically display or download water-level records.
Data source Map number Station
USGS local
Other identifier Other identifier Aquifer
DENR 1 440818103180801 2N 7E17BAAD PE-84B Dog Track Minnelusa
DENR 2 440811103222202 2N 6E15ADAA2 PE-96B Doty Ddwd Deadwood
DENR 3 440811103222201 2N 6E15ADAA PE-95C Doty Mdsn Madison
DENR 4 440746103124201 2N 7E13DDAA PE-95E West Nike Rd Inyan Kara
DENR 5 440623103583701 2N 1E27ADAC PE-91A Blind Park Deadwood
USGS 6 440544103180002 2N 7E32ABBC2 PE-89C City Quarry Mdsn Madison
USGS 7 440544103180001 2N 7E32ABBD PE-89D City Quarry Mnls Minnelusa
DENR 8 440528103161001 2N 7E34BCCA PE-64A Cement Plant Minnelusa
USGS 9 440430103160202 1N 7E 3CBAA2 PE-65A Sioux Park Mdsn Madison
DENR 10 440430103160201 1N 7E 3CBAA PE-64B Sioux Park Mnls Minnelusa
USGS 11 440427103131701 1N 7E 1DBBB RC-7 Star Village Madison
DENR 12 440338103173302 1N 7E 8ADDD2 PE-89A Canyon Lake Mdsn Madison
DENR 13 440338103173301 1N 7E 8ADDD PE-89B Canyon Lake Mnls Minnelusa
USGS 14 440326103180702 1N 7E 8DBCC2 JS-1A Jackson Madison
USGS 15 440310103173801 1N 7E 8DDCD CHLN-1 Chapel Lane 1 Minnelusa
DENR 16 440308103184601 1N 7E18AAAD PE-96A Cleghorn Madison
DENR 17 440216103114101 1N 8E19AAAB PE-95B Scales Inyan Kara
USGS 18 440149103164901 1N 7E21DBBD WW-1 Wildwood North Minnelusa
DENR 19 440052103181201 1N 7E29CADD PE-84A Countryside Deadwood
DENR 20 440023103211001 1N 6E35AADD PE-95D Countryside West Precambrian
DENR 21 435916103161802 1S 7E 3CDBD2 PE-94A Reptile Gardens Mnls Minnelusa
DENR 22 435916103161801 1S 7E 3CDBD PE-86A Reptile Gardens Mdsn Madison
USGS 23 435644103183801 1S 7E20CACD KI-1 Kieffer Deadwood
DENR 24 435517103501801 1S 2E35ADCA PE-96C Four Corners Madison
DENR 25 435227103185301 2S 7E17CCAA PE-95A Hayward Madison

DENR—South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Water Rights Program
USGS—U.S. Geological Survey

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