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NAWQA Program

National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program

A National Assessment of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Water Resources of the United States

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Carter, J.M., Grady, S.J., Delzer, G.C., Koch, Bart, and Zogorski, J.S., 2006, Occurrence of MTBE and Other Gasoline Oxygenates in CWS Source Waters: Journal AWWA, v. 98, no. 4, p. 91-104.

Ivahnenko, Tamara, and Zogorski, J.S., 2006, Sources and Occurrence of Chloroform and Other Trihalomethanes in Drinking-Water Supply Wells in the United States, 1986–2001: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report SIR 2006–5015, 13 p.

Moran, M.J., Hamilton, P.A., and Zogorski, J.S., 2006, Volatile Organic Compounds in the Nation's Ground Water and Drinking-Water Supply Wells—A Summary: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet FS 2006-3048, 6 p.

Moran, M.J., Zogorski, J.S., Squillace, P.J., 2005, MTBE and Gasoline Hydrocarbons in Ground Water of the United States: Ground Water, v. 43, no. 4, p. 615-627.pdf file An electronic version of the article published in Ground Water is available on the Blackwell Synergy online delivery service, accessible via the journal's Website at or If there are any problems accessing the file, please contact J.S. Zogorski for assistance.

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